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Takashi Nakajima : Matsumoto Architecture Festival


Takashi Nakajima : Matsumoto Architecture Festival

中島 崇:マツモト建築芸術祭

Takashi Nakajima will participate in the Matsumoto Architecture Festival

Date 2023/2/4 (Sat) – 2/26 (Sun)
Admission Free


Oyster Boat (New) x Takashi Nakajima
A houseboat serving oyster dishes opened in the early Showa period. The mysterious building on land will be challenged by Takashi Nakajima, who specializes in large-scale installations. Please enjoy the strangeness of the work changing in nature with the moat as the stage.

Matsumoto City Hall Main Building Observation Deck (New) × Takashi Nakajima The observation deck of the Matsumoto City Hall is the best spot overlooking Matsumoto Castle. Takashi Nakajima will use the space overlooking the city and mountains to create works that make us think about the present situation and the future. Viewing is only available on weekdays.

中島 崇がマツモト建築芸術祭に参加します。



かき船(新) × 中島 崇 【無料】

松本市役所本庁舎 展望室(新) × 中島 崇 【無料】

Takashi Nakajima : Matsumoto Architecture Festival
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